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Reel Treatment Tips
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One 8 oz. can only: $19.95
One 32 oz. can only: $79.95
One 128 oz. can only: $244.95

Prevents rust, corrosion and fouling!
Rust and corrosion need air to grow. Since your weapon is sealed with Sweetshooter's micro-thin film, no air can get to the metal. Guess what! No problem.
With the pores filled with Sweetshooter, powder residue, leading and fouling are a thing of the past. There is no place for those harmful deposits to collect except on the SURFACE of the film. Simply wipe it off!

Great for black powder shooters!

Note: it will look dull on parkerized finishes. Rub some hand lotion into your hands, then massage the weapon to bring back the luster.

Don't forget to treat your KNIVES
(Fishing tackle and tools, too!)

Knives: Go through the same cleaning process and wet the blade FIVE times with Sweetshooter, drying thoroughly between each application

When carbon steel knives are exposed to blood, do not worry. The blood will not corrode the blade.

Fishing: Wet your reel with Sweetshooter and cast. Repeat 20 times to build the film. Feel the difference! Reduces snagging, inhibits corrosion and increases distance. (also treat the pole eyes and fishing line.)

Extend Your Gun's Life
Protect your investment with the finest product available today.

Fast, Safe and Easy to Use
The cleaner the bore, the more accurate your shooting will be. Sweetshooter sets a new standard of cleaning and lubricating your treasured firearms. It is high-tech and unlike anything you've ever seen.

Money Back Guaranteed

Once is Enough for a Lifetime
If you hunt, target practice or collect firearms, you need Sweetshooter treatment. Sweetshooter is a one-time treatment that cleans, lubricates and protects your firearms. It lets you store your weapons DRY so that dust and dirt do not collect and become abrasive. After the treatment, simply use it to wipe down the outside and surface of the bore.

Directions for cleaning the surface:

Prepare the surface:

Cleaning the metal surface of your weapon with sweetshooter is critical.
1.Remove grips or stock. Dip your brush into Sweetshooter and scrub the outside vigorously. Repeat several times until the weapon is thoroughly clean. Now the gun is ready to TREAT.
2.Wet the surface of the gun with Sweetshooter and let it dry COMPLETELY. (Don't wet again while it's still wet or it will be as though it's the first application.)
In order to hasten the drying time, use a hand held dryer for 1 hour. But be careful because the metal will get too hot to handle.
3.After drying thoroughly, wet the metal again and repeat the drying process. This is the second application. Now do it a third, fourth and then a fifth and final time. You spend lots of money for your weapon and bought Sweetshooter, so be sure to apply it correctly. This initial process has to be done only the FIRST time. Afterwards use a patch dipped in Sweetshooter for general cleanup.

You will be surprised at how easy it is!

Directions for cleaning and treating the barrel:

The barrel gets the most stress. Therefore, treating it deep down into the pore structure will insure greater performance as well as greater protection.

Cleaning the barrel:

Dip your stainless steel bore brush in Sweetshooter and run it into the barrel and scrub 8 times, dip brush again and scrub 8 times, dip brush again for the 4th and final time and scrub 8 times. (This is important, don't cheat!)

Treating the barrel:

1.Using the same caliber stainless steel bore brush, wet the bore with Sweetshooter.
2.Fire a round. Then re-wet and fire again. Repeat this process at least 20 times. Be sure to wet between each round. The projectile will push the Sweetshooter down into the pores of the metal and pack it until they are full. A micro-thin film is formed inside the barrel reducing friction to a minimum causing greater accuracy, distance and velocity.
3.Having properly treated your weapon, all you have to do, next time you fire it, wet a patch with Sweetshooter, swab the barrel three or four times, then wipe down the outside with the same wet patch. Now you are ready to store it!

Sweetshooter TIP: If you want to put oil on your weapon, go ahead. It won't hurt anything. As you are just putting oil on the Sweetshooter film. However, oil will attract dirt, grime and grit.