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Field Test Report

The North American Hunting Club honored us by recommending our product to their members. Here is some of the reports from field tests they conducted with Sweetshooter.

November 12, 1993

Dear Bill,

Congratulations! The Sweetshooter Lubricant has received a favorable evaluation. The evaluations from the members are enclosed for your use and information. If any quotes on these reports are used by your firm, please identify the source as a "North American Hunting Club Field Test." A written endorsement will appear in an upcoming issue of North American Hunter, and a copy will be sent to you when published.

As a qualified manufacturer, you are entitled to use the NAHC SEAL OF APPROVAL in your advertising, sales brochures, press releases and/or your product packaging.

The NAHC is proud to be working on behalf of hunters in North America and telling them about quality products such as yours. Please contact us to arrange field tests for other products that you manufacture.

In order for your product to appear in the earliest available issue, of North American Hunter, we must receive a black & white photo along with the suggested retail price within two weeks from the date of this letter. If you would like to consider running an ad for this product with the NAHC Seal of Approval, please contact our Advertising Representative, Tom Perrier, to work out the details.

Thank you for your continued support of the NAHC Field Test Program.


Paul Jaques
Field Test Coordinator

Field Test Report

Member:              Daniel Schoemann
Date:                8/9/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
Dates Tested:        1. 7/29/93, 2. 7/29/93, 3. 8/8/93
Where Tested:        Fox Lake, WI--My Home
Weather Conditions:  1. Warm-humid, 2. Warm, 3. Cool

After initial treatment of applying Sweetshooter to my rifle 7mm RemingtonAOL and firing a round through the gun 3 times. I maintain my weapon every time I use Sweetshooter. I found that Sweetshooter is the smoothest dry lubricant I have tried. Dirt and dust do not collect when [my] weapon was stored in a gun cabinet. I also tried this on my fishing reel and it seems to reel very freely, more so than ever before. I would recommend this to everyone who cares about their weapons. If used when the gun is new, it will last forever. Sweetshooter Lubricants [Tecrolan] does indeed have a special product.

Field Test Report

Member:              Lyle Wiltse
Date:                9/13/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter
Dates Tested:        Mid-August to mid-September
Where Tested:        Western Montana
Weather Conditions:  Sunny and warm

I chose to use Sweetshooter on my Super Redhawk 44 Mag. It was fouled with lead. As a cleaner it removed all carbon deposits easily. It removed lead better than a traditional solvent. However, I still had to use a lead remover to completely remove all of the lead fouling. After the initial cleaning and treatment of the barrel, cleaning was quick and simple. Just one patch through the barrel did the job. I completely stripped the gun down, cleaned and treated all the parts. Sweetshooter left a thin dry film that was smooth and slick. This film protects during storage and provides a smooth action with no need for oil. As for improving accuracy, you have to be a whole lot better shot than I am to determine that.

Field Test Report

Member:              Ed Hetzel
Date:                8/23/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter Rust Inhibitor & Lubricant
Dates Tested:        July and August 1993
Where Tested:        Tioga Country, North Central, PA
Weather Conditions:  Warm and humid

When I first tried Sweetshooter on my new Contender Barrel, I couldn't believe all the rust I had on my cleaning cloth. It seems to be an excellent cleaner, if you follow instructions. It takes more time to treat the firearm than conventional treatments. As far as the lubricating part of Sweetshooter, time will tell when Fall and Winter come around. But at the present time, it seems to be working fine. I recommend Sweetshooter to NAHC members, if not as a lube, then as a cleaner.

Field Test Report

Member:              James Nevels, Jr.
Date:                8/2/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter
Dates Tested:        7/17-18/93, 7/24-25/93
Where Tested:        Lincoln County, KY
Weather Conditions:  Summer conditions; hot and humid

I applied the Sweetshooter to the outside of my 4-10 shotgun which did have light surface rust. I like the Sweetshooter because it did remove the rust in most of the areas. I found some of the areas to be deeper than I thought. For the inside of the gun it does a good job of cleaning and lubricating the weapon, but the only part I did not like was having to repeat the process 15-20 times. I do recommend that people use Sweetshooter because overall it is a good product.

Field Test Report

Member:              Daniel E. Deschaine
Date:                9/20/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter
Dates Tested:        July '93 September '93
Where Tested:        Home -- field use
Weather Conditions:  Sunny, cool sunny day

In July '93, I took my gun apart (Remington 270) for cleaning and relubricated the metal parts when putting it back together. I found there was no oily residue and the product worked very well on the bolt action.

I tried my gun shooting targets in the nice weather of summertime, but would have liked to try it during hunting season in the fall. I regret not being able to try it in the cold winter months--up here north--to see if it would freeze up like other lubes I have used when the weather gets really cold like below 0o.

P.S.: I also tried it on some of my other tools and it was great.

Field Test Report

Member:              Tom Werth
Date:                8/14/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter Cleaner & Lube
Dates Tested:        N/A
Where Tested:        N/A
Weather Conditions:  N/A

The Sweetshooter Cleaner & Lube is an excellent product. Following the directions, I cleaned numerous guns and then lubed them with the product. This included black powder guns. The product did clean well and did leave a slight protective film on the guns to protect them from rust, etc. This product works well and is equal to or better than any lube I used during my 20 years in the army. The product is a cleaner and lube at the same time, eliminating the need for two products.

Field Test Report

Member:              Richard F Barnes
Date:                9/9/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
Dates Tested:        August 93
Where Tested:        Kent, WA
Weather Conditions:  Clear & Dry

This product was test on a new Norinco .22 which I planned to use for small bore silhouette matches. The rifle was cleaned of all grease and treated with Sweetshooter following factory instructions, except for the bore. At the range the shot 1" groups at 100 yards. I then degreased the bore and following instructions shot 20 times wiping the bore with Sweetshooter after each shot. The next group and all following were .5" groups. This stuff works! It is important to follow manufacturers instructions exactly.

Field Test Report

Member:              Steven Armijo
Date:                10/13/93
Items Tested:        Sweetshooter Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
Dates Tested:        September through October
Where Tested:        Albuquerque, NM
Weather Conditions:  mild fall conditions-partly cloudy to some lite rain

The Sweetshooter rust and corrosion inhibitor is a very good dry lubricant. Its easy to apply and treat your firearm. Fingerprints wipe off easy. Firearms can be stored without coating with oil. I have an old shotgun that is hard to keep the rust off of. With one treatment of sweetshooter the rust hasn't come back, and I didn't have to oil it down before storage. I recommend Sweetshooter to prevent rust and corrosion of your firearms.

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