North American Fishing Club Field Test Report

North American Fishing Club


Field Test Report

The North American Fishing Club honored us by recommending our product to their members. Here is some of the reports from field tests they conducted with Sweetshooter.

Gregory T. Gladden
Corpus Christi, TX

I applied the product to my stainless fillet knife and two carbon steel hunting knives, applying the recommended five coats, before exposing to salt water and a salt air environment. Since using the product as recommended, I have not had a problem with rust on these knives. I live on the Laguna Madre in Corpus Christi, Texas and fish often. Rust from the very salty atmosphere is a problem with anything metallic. I plan to use the remainder of the product on the rest of my fishing gear. I have not found where to purchase more of the product when I run out. A little bit goes a long way.

I would recommend Tecrolan Sweetshooter Gun Treatment to anyone who wants to protect metal in a very salty atmosphere. I used Q-Tips to apply the product.

Bruce Smith
Seguin, TX

Dear Sirs,

I tested the product on all my saltwater reels (two Peem 309's and one #9 Senator). Sweetshooter completely protected my reels from salt corrosion and seemed to make the reel run smoother and cooler! My only complaint would be the time it took to treat the gear. I am already trying to find a local outlet to purchase more! Thank You!

Daniel Swahlan Jr.
Melbourne, FL

Living in Florida and fishing saltwater is very hard on metal. Corrosion finds its way very fast. This product is just what we all need.

I used it on my fishing rod and reel, and now it seems to have smoother casts. The process takes time, but in the long run is worth it. So far, clean up is faster and I know that the resin film is protecting my fishing rod and reel.

This is an excellent product, and I highly recommend to all NAFC members.

Jimmy Park
Beaverton, OR

I do recommend this product because it will help cut through rust and keep rust from depositing on rods and reels. It also got most of the rust off my old knifes.

John Lopez
Melbourne Beach, FL

I first used the product on my rod and reels. I applied it thoroughly five times to each eyelet and reel as recommended. After each use of the rod and reel it became easier to clean, with minimum effort. The reels seemed to slide better than before the use of the Sweetshooter. I was impressed!

But I didn't stop there! I experimented by applying the Sweetshooter to all metal parts of my Virago 1100 motorcycle - all parts of which are constantly exposed head-on to the saltspray from the ocean (I'm two blocks from the Atlantic). I applied it just as I did to my rod and reels. I'm happy to report that it worked extremely well on my motorcycle. My son, who rides a Goldwing motorcycle, also applied it and treated all exposed chrome and metal parts on his bike. We are both sold on the Sweetshooter for our rod and reels, but also for our motorcycles.

Steve Guss
Dickinson, TX

The use of Sweetshooter on one of my older reels (Ambassador 6000) improved casting ability, and also seemed to smooth the retrieve. Most of my fishing is done wading in the bay and surf. After about 15 fishing trips I cleaned the reel, although it was still working fine. There was no corrosion that I could find.

A better field test for me was using Sweetshooter on my 10-gauge shotgun. I goose hunt the marsh in the Galveston, TX area, and this is hard on a gun. The gun is only two years old and before using Sweetshooter it was rusty after every trip. After treating with Sweetshooter, the rust problem stopped, and also the internal workings of the gun stayed cleaner, because of the dry lube capabilities. I also treated a bore on a new rifle and I am happy with the results so far.

On a down side, the preparation (cleaning) before applying Sweetshooter on an used gun or reel is pretty time consuming.

William E Graff
St Augustine, FL

Being a saltwater fisherman I occasionally have trouble with reels sticking and pitting, especially spools. After carefully following the directions and a few days of cleaning and drying, I can highly recommend the product. I use six reels that were treated with Sweetshooter and all six perform better than ever. Plus, cleaning is a snap.

It's a little work to clean and apply the product, but very well worth the effort!

Great Product!

William T Gillett
Crescent City, CA

I recommend the product to all sporting interests, for the saltwater fisherman with the corrosive spray from saltwater to the beach angler who has the corrosive effects of salt and sand on a fishing reel. It will also stop the corrosion on your firearms. I fish the ocean mostly and I have had to remove the corrosion from my old ocean reels. With Sweetshooter you don't have to worry about having the corrosion coming back once you completely clean the parts and coat them with Sweetshooter. I can remember a time when I, like alot of fishermen, would take my salt gear and hose them off after a day of fishing. Not any more! I wipe them down with Sweetshooter and let it dry. The salt just wipes away. I don't have to worry about the lubricants in my reels either. Sweetshooter is a dry lubricant that will allow you to fish free of grease freeze up in cold climates. I know alot of people who remove all grease from their reels when they go to Alaska to fish, so that their gear doesn't seize on them. I haven't noticed any wear on my moving parts since I coated them with Sweetshooter. I also treated the eyes on my fishing rods to see if Sweetshooter would stop the line wear on the tip of the pole. So far, I haven't had the amount of line breaks or sign of wear.

Greg Gibson
Deer Park, TX

I was not real pleased with having to coat the surface 5 times with Sweetshooter, but to get the results I wanted I followed the manufacturers instructions. I am very happy to report that the product performs as claimed on the literature. Of course I've only had it on my shotgun for 2 weeks, but being a waterfowl hunter, my guns see a pretty hard life going in and out of a rice field. No rust so far and it stopped the rust I previously had. At one time I had some problems with ejecting 3" shells on a cold day, but not anymore. Thank you for sending me this product.

I would recommend it to my friends.

Frank Dorio
Old Bridge, NJ

I found the product more effective against freshwater rather then saltwater. Applying it to reels you must be careful of plastic parts. The only drawback is in applying the product, which is time consuming. You have to apply several applications with a drying in between. This product does work.

Donald Barkheimer
Hobe Sound, FL

I've used Sweetshooter on my saltwater fishing reels and I'm surprised how long it is before I need to treat my equipment as compared to other types. I've also found it has a lasting effect on the bolts and springs on my trailer. Sweetshooter is so thin of a solution, it seems to travel into places where water won't go, but where rust would.

I feel as though my opinion is that if Sweetshooter would come in an aerosol type it most likely would appeal to more people for the chance not to have the can tip over, the ease of application, etc. The reason this test took so long is because Sweetshooter lasted in my applications of it. I would recommend this product to our members.

Niko Alissandratos
Holiday, FL

It works absolutely fantastic! I used it on several of my reels including some old partially rusty reels and it cleaned them up just like new! Also used it on an old, "extremely" rusty 44- Black powder pistol that by the time we got done with it not only was it clean, and the hammer cocked easily, the chamber would spin like a champ!

I would highly recommend this product to all our other members. Using a spray bottle to apply is not only easier but conserves the product!

Daniel Rosado
Aguadillo, P.R.

I would recommend this product to other people because it's very useful and helpful for not only guns and fishing equipment, it's also good for use around the house. It was used on doorknobs if they got tight and the door hinges if they're squeaky.

I am really impressed by the way it loosened my locks to the closet door. It also prevents rust from forming. It made it easier to open and close doors.

I also used it on my fishing reel, to clean it and use it as a lubricant, which was very helpful. I used the fishing reel when I went fishing; the reel was very smooth at casting and retrieving.

James McFarlain
Lake Charles, LA

It cleaned it real good. It makes the water repel off the gun. Puts a good shiny finish on the gun. I tested it on all my guns. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Jeff McGlynn
South Portland, ME

I have to recommend it to anyone who wants the ultimate protection. I fish hard-ice fishing, open water, and saltwater at least 3 days a week, year round. I need my stuff to last. It's not cheap, so I don't want to replace things too much. I have eleven rods and reels: ultralite spinners, baitcasters, squidders, flyreels, downriggers etc. Graphite, aluminum, stainless steel and so on. I cleaned and coated 5x all the rods and reels. Recently, I mostly use my ultralites; one is a graphite spool, the other is aluminum. They have no oil or grease, just Sweetshooter, and they are just as smooth as when they were greased, if not more. The 2 things I didn't like about the product are 1: Price; but how much do I have invested in my reels and rods? And 2: Length of time to apply; but then what's a little time for protection for life? I would recommend it and I'll buy more when I get new reels or rods. Thank you!

Carl Gan
I used this cleaner to clean & protect my salt-water reels. It helped me get the salt corrosion of the reels. But I do not know how long it will keep them that way. Because, I have only had the product for a month. I still would like to try it on my rifles and my shotguns.

Thanks for letting me test this GREAT product.
Please send more

Bill D. Thornton
Padre Island, TX

Dear Bill,

As you probably know I fish the surf almost every week. There is nothing harder on fishing equipment than surf fishing. But Sweet shooter has taken care of that. I have a round fish bowl half full of Sweetshooter, After I wash down my reels and take the spools off I just drop them in the fish bowl for a few minutes and then let them dry in the sun. No more frozen reels.

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